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At NTR, we understand that keeping your machining running is crucial to your business. A machine down often means deadlines missed, resources not utilised and an unhappy customer. At the heart of a well run manufacturing facility is maintenance, and that’s how we can help.

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When a machine goes down, due to a Live Tooling fault we know you need it back and up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we have an Express Service with quick turnaround.

Even with regular maintenance, operator error can still effect

Driven/Live Tooling | NTR Ltd

Every unit is dismantled and pre-inspected before work commences. The Driven Tool is then thoroughly cleaned and degreased. We carry out a close inspection of all the components. Bearings and seals are replaced and upgraded where appropriate, before it is regreased and sealed.

Concentricity & alignment checks are then carried out before the Driven Tool is finally rig tested by our qualified engineers. It is then logged on a register and the replacement parts documented against the date when the tool is to be next serviced. The tool is then returned to you in a ready for use state.

You can expect a two week turnaround from order confirmation, with a rapid response service available on request.

With an NTR Service Agreement for Driven/Live Tooling you are de-risking your production capabilities. We all know that when a machine goes down, productivity goes with it and deadlines are missed.

By signing up to our affordable service, we will work with you to produce a bespoke plan to keep your manufacturing down-time at a minimum.

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Depending on the size of your facility, we can:

  • Keep spares in our stores
  • Supply parts direct from manufacturers
  • Store a complete unit serviced and ready to replace a failed one
  • Provide a fast turnaround option

Whatever your requirement, call us and we can arrange a meeting at your location so we can see your operation in action.


Manufacturers & Brands

There are many Live Tooling manufacturers and we cover most of them:

Eppinger, Alps, MT Marchetti, Eroglu, Benz, Evermore, Heimatec, EWS, Mario Pinto, Zettle Mimatic, Madaula, OMAP, Romai, Wagner, Parlec, Bristol Tool, Alberti, Gerrardi, Wendel, Sauter, Algra, WTO, Holdwell to name but a few…

If your OEM is not listed, then please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.


Let’s discuss how we can set up a maintenance contract with our experts to ensure productivity in your facility.

Order Spares

Need spares? Let us order direct from the OEM’s cutting out the middle man.


Contact us to arrange a meeting, we’re here to help.


Need special assistance?

No matter how complex, how unusual and how bespoke your tooling requirement, NTR can work wonders on your Driven/Live Tooling requirement. Have a discontinued product? Talk to us and let’s see how we can help: Call us on 01937 845 112.


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