Live Driven Tooling and reCool® System

22 July 2015by Sam Wood

As part of NTR’s on-going service development, the company is delighted to announce that it can now offer customers the ability to convert their Live Tooling to Thru coolant with the introduction of the new reCool® System.

This unique patent designed system allows users of Live Tooling to convert, within minutes, most makes and models of Live Tooling to Thru Coolant. This can either be done via ourselves at the point the unit is serviced or by our customers when they purchase the reCool® System from us.

Manufactured by Rego-Fix in Switzerland, the reCool® System allows customers to convert existing tooling systems to thru coolant within minutes. It can be used in operations with speeds up to 6,000rpm and coolant pressures of up to 20 bar / 290 PSI. Importantly, the reCool® System is maintenance free, employing coolant lubricated bearings and customers have a choice of tooling options (with DS sealing discs) for coolant through tools or for peripheral cooling (with KS flush discs).

For more information on the reCool® System please speak to your local sales representative or call us on Tel: 01937 845112.

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