NTR’s latest KTP with Huddersfield University is awarded Outstanding

2 November 2015by Sam Wood

With the objective of facilitating the transfer of knowledge and the spread of technical skills through innovation projects undertaken by Tom Furness, under the join supervision of Dr Andrew Longstaff and Dr Simon Fletcher of Huddersfield University, NTR is delighted to announce that the two year advanced engineering and automation project has been awarded Outstanding.

The final report for each Knowledge Transfer Partnership is reviewed and graded by a panel of independent Assessors with the range of possible grades being marked as either ‘outstanding’, ‘very good’, ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’ and ‘unsatisfactory’. Commenting on the result Craig Naylor said, “I would like to congratulate all those involved in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership in achieving this excellent outcome. I specifically want to thank Tom Furness, the academic team at Huddersfield University, Mike Willis along with key members of staff at NTR who have been instrumental in achieving this success”.

As part recognition, the Company has received a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ which in a small way recognises this success and, the project is being added to the short list from which KTP Case studies will be developed.

This is the second time NTR have run an ‘Outstanding’ KTP, however as Craig Naylor was keen to point out the real prize is in the knowledge legacy that we have now been left. Our relationship with Huddersfield University continues to grow and we are already in discussions about what we need to do next. In the meantime, customers are already benefiting as a result of this step change in cutting tool repair and we will continue to develop this technology to achieve our ultimate goal.

For more information on NTR’s KTP experience, Huddersfield University or any other aspect of the KTP please call us on Tel: 01937 845112.

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