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12 December 2015by Sam Wood

We are delighted to announce that NTR has secured significant sponsorship for Primary Engineer through Appris.

Targeting 24 Primary Schools within the local area we hope to engage with up to 2,500 primary school pupils on engineering projects, many of whom will have direct contact with Boston Spa school as part of this fun learning experience.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Boston Spa School to become the preferred school of choice for pupils and parents engaged in these engineering events and for manufacturers in general, as we start to positively shape a new generations outlook toward the possibility of progressing an exciting career in engineering.

“Through the connectivity of the EEF’s Yorkshire & Humber skills group and work June Smith, EEF Membership and External Affairs Manager has undertaken allied to the work Jane Green has been doing in representing Boston Spa School at recent meetings we have now a fully evolved program we can roll out to Primary Schools. Appris who support many of the area’s largest manufacturers and SME’s in the provision of apprentices and training are the sole sponsor and I along with others are forever grateful for the their contribution and involvement in realising this opportunity for Primary Engineer”.

Susan Scurlock is the Chief Executive of Primary Engineer and will be taking an active role in conjunction with Jane Green to ensure the program is successfully delivered. As the first
Primary Engineer program to take place in the Yorkshire & Humber region, it is a massive coupe for all involved and we can’t wait for it to start later this year.


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