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26 October 2016by Sam Wood

At NTR we regularly undertake customer satisfaction surveys to ensure we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Independent research recently carried out highlights the following:

  1. Why do you choose to use NTR Ltd for your tooling reclamation? 88% of customers said that they use us because of our quality.
  2. What is the single most important factor in determining your reclamation provider? 76% of customers said that the single most important factor for using us was due to our quality of customer service.
  3. Overall how do you rate NTR’s service? 92% of customers rated our service as Good to Excellent.
  4. Why do you need/use tooling reclamation? 67% of customers said they use reclamation because it saves them money.
  5. Overall, how do you rate NTR’s quality? 96% of customers rated our quality & service as Good to Excellent.


In 2011 we were awarded by Inside Industry, Exemplar status.

2012 we were awarded MAS WORKS certification for outstanding business and operational improvement.

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